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The eastern sky is going to be cleared up and warmly and brightly surrounded by sunlight…
As the brightness increased, the silhouette of the tree gradually emerged.
You will feel the wind blowing through the forest and the chirping of birds,
cityscape awakening with the rising sun.
So now you empower all living things,
Start your special day..
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The fresh forest air that you can only feel at this time makes you want to take a deep breath.
While sharpening the whole your body with the power of nature, visit the historic shrine and aim for the summit.
When you climb the mountain, you can see the beautiful cityscape of Hiroshima city, the Seto Inland Sea, and even Miyajima.
Enjoy special breakfast that is filled with local products while gazing at wonderful scenery.
After breakfast, you can enjoy Nodate (outdoor style tea ceremony).
Why don’t you spend the beginning of the day in a special space that can only be experienced here?
Asageshiki tour set in the sacred mountain “Mt. Futaba", which is a 10-minute walk from Hiroshima Station.
Let's enjoy the refreshing nature of the morning!

Tour point

Appreciate the majestic and graceful buildings of Hiroshima Toshogu

Hiroshima Toshogu is the “entrance” of Mt. Futaba and built on an overwhelming stone wall. The beautiful buildings created by inviting Kyoto craftsmen during the Edo period have many spots that can be photographed! Toshogu, which has been loved by locals since ancient times, is also a witness to the history of Hiroshima. The entrance to this tour is Toshogu, which keeps an eye on the happy memories of cherry blossom trees lined up and,  being exposed to the results of the atomic bombing, and the histories of everyday life that continue today.

There is a great nature in Mt. Futaba that makes you wonder, "Is here really a place in the city?!”
We spend a slow pace in the clear air in the morning. Hiking on a mountain trail that shows various changes depending on the season, in fact, this trail is also the approach to the historical sacred forest of guardians. It will be a relaxing time in the morning surrounded by nature while strolling through such a sacred forest of guardians.

Walk through the nature of the sacred guardian forest in the clear air of the early morning
Explore by a tour guide around the power spots in the forest

Mt. Futaba, the main place of the tour, is also a very important place in the history of Hiroshima. It is located in the direction of the so-called northeastern "demon gate" when viewed from Hiroshima Castle, which is the center of Hiroshima city, and has been loved by people as a mountain that has protected the city of Hiroshima since ancient times. In such a sacred mountain, there are big rocks and a lot of nature where God is said to dwell. And there are various power spots such as the shrine of Inari Shrine and the torii gate. You can refresh your mind and body by visiting these with the guidance of your guide.

When you climb the mountain, you can enjoy a magnificent view from Hiroshima city to the Seto Inland Sea and Miyajima. While gazing at such a view, you will have an original breakfast menu using local ingredients from Hiroshima.

A special breakfast and beautiful panoramic view
Enjoy tea ceremony while watching the spectacular view

Let’s enjoy tea ceremony after breakfast while watching the superb view! In Japan, making and enjoying tea outdoors is called "Nodate". At the breakfast point overlooking the city of Hiroshima, the tour guide will perform tea ceremony and  matcha. You can feel the taste of matcha in a quiet and special space.





Asageshiki Morning Hiking tour with Open-air tea ceremony & Special breakfast



Least Participants:3 people

3hours and half. Reservation request is inquired


Asageshiki Morning Hiking & Open-air tea ceremony tour in tsuwano




Asageshiki Morning Hiking tour with Open-air tea ceremony



Least Participants:1 person

3hours and reservation must be required by 6pm the day before tour date


[5/4 only] ~Go to forest 2024~ Greenery Day only! Futabayama forest bathing experience tour


Adults ¥2,500 ( per person )

Children ¥1,000 ( per person, ages 6-18 )

Limited to 20 people

Asageshiki Morning Hiking & Open-air tea ceremony tour
The tour duration3hours
SeasonApril ~ March
Recommended age6 year old and above
Wear and belongings
   Hat or cap, jacket(depends on the season), long pants, gloves, comfortable shoes
   drink, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray

Least Participants 1 person  *Please note that only one person for the tour will cost 13,200 JPY."
Capacity1 person  ~ 6 people
Bookthe day before
Cancel Policy
   - 14 to 7 days before the tour date 10% of the tour price
   - 6 to 2 days before the tour date 30% of the tour price
   - The day before the tour date 50%,on the day of the tour 100% of the tour price
   *Please contact us in advance when you have to cancel or change the tour
Asageshiki Morning Hiking tour with Open-air tea ceremony & Special breakfast
The tour duration :Approx.3hours and a half
Season:April ~ March
Recommended age:6 year old and above
Wear and belongings
   Hat or cap, jacket(depends on the season), long pants, gloves, comfortable shoes
   drink, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray

Least Participants:3 people
Capacity:6 people
Book:Must reserve as soon as possible in advance
Cancel Policy
For cancellation of breakfast, No refundable if the guest cancel 1-7days before (on the day as well) even it's canceled due to bad weather condition.
Free cancellation: 8days before



Special Breakfast

Asageshiki's original menu breakfast is particular about only local ingredients in Hiroshima, and you can enjoy the seasonal seasons by changing the menu to spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This lunch box also has a menu for vegetarians and vegans.


三村 理紗

My hobby is:Tea ceremony, flower arrangement, enjoying Japanese confectionary, art and traveling

My favourite spot of the tour :Everything about this tour!

Message to guests :Let's walk together in the beautiful nature in the clear air of the morning! I hope you have a wonderful start of your day.



川口 康太

My hobby is:Traveling, surfing, golf, diving

My favourite spot of the tour :The view from Okumiya, the route to Peace Pagoda

Message to guests :The view from the top is jut amazing! Let’s have fun “Another face of Hiroshima”.




My hobby is:Yoga、Yoga, taking care of plants

My favourite spot of the tour :The route to Peace Pagoda

Message to guests :There are lot of spots and beautiful views you have never seen. Why don’t you find and feel the charm of Mt. Futaba that have been loved long time together?



若林 奈那

My hobby is:Traveling, exploring cities, music

My favourite spot of the tour :The route to Peace Pagoda

Message to guests :Miyajima and a-bomb dome are not only Hiroshima’s symbolic spot! Let’s find another face of Hiroshima with us!

Asageshiki Teams


2023年7月9日 7:00:00

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2022年1月30日 15:00:00

【メディア掲載 】RISEにてAsageshikiツアーが掲載されました。






集合時間AM 7:30 or 10:00
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