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About Asageshiki

Overview of My Japan: Japan has nurtured for a long time since ancient times. We are working to convey the Japanese culture created by that heart, create opportunities to come into contact with it, and connect it to the next generation.

Asageshiki mind

~ Past ~
History, culture, and nature of Hiroshima continue to be carved, nurtured, and developed with local people.
All of them are close to us, but if we don't try to feel them, we will pass by like the wind.
"That's Mottainai(waste)“
We dare to look back and know about Hiroshima, which is still alive at this moment. And we came to want to share the importance of feeling, not just seeing.

~ Now ~
Nowadays people tend to spend more time at home. At the same time , people might be more interested in the sounds of nature (water, wind, trees) than before.
Even if you can't stay for a long time on a trip, you can feel something in the forest for several hours.
By multiplying it with the tea ceremony, which is one of the activities that connect the traditional culture of My Japan.
That is why My Japan came up with an idea that we could create an unique experience in Hiroshima.
~ Future ~ 
The past, the present and the future of Hiroshima…
Let My Japan deliver all of this together with the fruitful nature of Hiroshima.
Then, feel the fresh feelings of the day and learn from them. Why don't you enjoy the fun of finding and feeling the charm of the area?

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