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Okaeri Shokudo

Have fun (Hiroshima night&)to drink Japanese sake with locals 

Okaeri Shokudo" is a content to enjoy sake at Fujimoto-ya, operated by a sake connoisseur in Hiroshima, one of the three major sake breweries in Japan, focusing on pairing Hiroshima's local sake with Japanese homemade food.

The concept is to experience food and sake in cozy atmosphere ,feels like to be in home. This tour includes an experience of daily life in Japan, provides a family-like atmosphere, where you can experience the manners and etiquette that Japanese people normally understand, and learn about Japanese culture and sustainability from friendly local guide, such as the meaning of "Itadakimasu" and the episode that led to "eating rice without leaving any leftovers. The main content of food and sake will also be provided in the form of Hiroshima's "Sake" and "Food,also include Hiroshima's specialties to welcome guests. The private space that opens only for the guests of the day is also a remarkable point.


Tour points

・We offer local sake from Hiroshima, and our staff with certified sake connoisseurs. They will welcome you with a pairing of sake and food.


・Vegetarian and vegan menus are also available. 

・Learn about the culture of Japanese daily life through communication around the dining table.

・Our professional of tasting sake will recommend you a special one.

Meeting point: Hiroshima city, Naka ward, Nobori-Chou

Meeting time:6:00 PM

Access:14min from Hiroshima station

Closed: Open every day

Time: 18:00-21:00

Price (per person):Adult: 13,000JPY

What's included: Food, Sake, Guide, Insurance are included

Payment Methods:Cash 

Number of applicants (capacity):8 guests

Least Participants: 2 guests

Book:3 days in advance

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation policy is counted from the day before tour date 

1)Cancel by 3days before: 20% 

2)Cancel on the tour date:100%


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